We can develop software solutions for you, tools, apps or websites

Here is how...

    First you need to have a great idea or need for a new software tool, app, web site or whatever is made from programming.


  Then you need to document your idea or need as precisely as possible so we can evaluate it. Send us this description when you have it finalized!

  Should we decide that we can indeed do something and build a tool in line with your idea or need, we will then notify you and agree with you on the process to get it built as well as the revenue split if the decision is to make this a commercial product.

  If the project is large we may ask you to partially fund it; this can be split in a few payments, at the beginning, middle and end of the project. In such case you may own it in the end.

  As we progress, we will keep you informed of progresses and will document back to you the way we're implementing your idea or answering your needs. Building the whole thing may be fast or take a while, but in any case you'll be in the loop of our plans.

  As soon as we have something that works, we'll send it to you in order to receive your feedback.

  And because no software tool, especially brand new, is free of issues, we'll welcome your validation support and bug reports!

  If this is of interest to you or if we funded the development on our own, we will offer the tool on our web site and will gladly recognize your contribution.


You'll then have the tool you wanted/needed!