We develop our own products and make them available to all; improvement ideas are welcome!


Minimem is a memory optimization products that allows you to run modern applications on not-so-modern computers that are RAM-limited.


Signo runs silently in your tray bar and allows you managing multiple hotkeys and textkeys and their association with various actions. Signo intends to support everything you'd want to use hotkeys for including multi-level clipboard, auto-text-replace, screen and windows management, screen capture, etc.


We built it for our kids, but we also use it ourselves and hope you and your family will enjoy Chessie. This is a chess program that won't allow you to e.g. take back your moves or change the level during a game. Instead, it will allow you and your children to play fair games and enjoy playing and learning chess, whatever your level.


WinFi is your new WiFi network manager for Windows. As Windows 8 removed abilities to manage network profiles and perform various actions such as forgetting networks, changing their priorities, etc., WinFi was built to bring you all you need within one handy utility.


We can design software products and web sites for individuals, organizations and companies at no or limited cost; please contact us if interested.